Nicknamed the Beehive State, Utah has 47 hospitals serving its population of over 3 million people. Ranked the best hospital in the 84,899 square mile state is the University of Utah Hospital and Clinic in the state’s capital of Salt Lake City, nationally ranked in one adult specialty and has high performance in four procedures and conditions. Ranking second is the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, with 736 affiliated doctors, and has high performance in three procedures and conditions. Lastly, the third in rank is the Dixie Regional Medical Center in Saint George, high performing in four procedures and conditions.

While it is odd the state only has one medical school, the University of Utah School of Medicine, there is a good number of medical professionals catering to the state’s population. Based on a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, there are 6,210 practicing physicians and 17,130 professionally active nurses as of 2016. Finding a good laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) eye surgeon in UTAH is actually quite simple as there are many surgeons and various eye centers in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area.

Residents of Utah, and people throughout the rest of the country, are curious enough about improving their vision through LASIK surgery. In fact, there are around 700,000 procedures performed each year all over the United States, with this number expected to increase to approximately 720,000 by the year 2020. Millions of Americans suffer from some form of vision problem, including near and farsightedness, and cataracts. All adults eventually develop age-related far sightedness by age 45 to 50 as well. The most common form of fixing these issues is to wear prescription eye glasses, contact lenses, or an alternating rotation of both. However, LASIK helps eliminate the need for either.