Lasik surgery is an advanced laser vision correction option available today. Most people who undergo this treatment experience amazing results. Nevertheless, it also has some cons. The pros and cons of Lasik surgery can help you to decide whether vision correction is appropriate for you.

Pros of Lasik Eye Surgery

Quick and Painless

Unlike other eye treatment options, Lasik is an outpatient treatment that can be done right in the office of the doctor. According to medical experts, a doctor can take as little as 20 minutes to complete this treatment, and you can begin noticing many amazing results before you leave your doctor’s office. Future corrective surgery and follow-ups are often included in the initial cost of this treatment, and this avoids last minute surprises.


Lasik surgery is a safe procedure when carried out by an expert surgeon on suitable candidates for this treatment. Competent doctors only treat the right candidates for this procedure and take a risk-adverse approach to ensure there is maximum effectiveness but minimal complications. In general, Lasik laser eye surgery risks are usually rare with a specialist and expert surgeon who operates in a non-commercial setting.


Freedom from vision aids is a life-changing experience for most people who have been so dependent on vision aids such as glasses or contact lenses. Getting up in the morning without having to struggle to trace any vision aids, being able to work out without worrying about your glasses falling off, and driving without squinting are some of the freedom the LASIK provide.

All of us lead busy lives. So a procedure that can allow us to get ready in the morning and go to bed without the trouble of taking care of contact lenses can make a great difference in lives.

Long-Lasting Results

After a stabilization period of approximately three months, the patient’s eyes adjust, and the results of this procedure remain permanent. Unless your surgeon over or under-correct your eye, you do not need follow-up procedures. Your corrected vision will last for many years barring any normal loss caused by either illness or aging

Cons of Lasik Eye Surgery

Light Sensitivity

Many patients do not have adverse side effects after this treatment, but many others often experience sensitivity to light. This often causes irritability night glare and night blindness. It can also cause a halo effect around shiny surfaces, particularly during the day. The good news is that this side effect usually clears up in most patients a few days after the treatment.

A majority of people who choose to undergo Lasik surgery do not experience long-term side effects. However, one percent of these individuals experience light sensitivity issues that can last for more than a year.

Continuing Vision Problems

Not every person with vision problems can benefit from Lasik surgery. About 20 percent of people who undergo this procedure often report that they have problems reading and seeing clearly up close. After the eyes have completed healed, this effect often clears up in close to five percent of these patients. The remaining 15 percent are often forced to continue with treatments until the problem is sorted out or revert to wearing reading glasses.

Aging Eyes

People’s eyes change shape as they age, and those who have received Lasik surgery often experience some problems at this time. They may be forced to use corrective lenses. As these people age, their eyes revert to the original vision they had before undergoing surgery. A follow-up visit may be required to re-correct their vision.

In most cases, this is not possible. As we age, our healing process takes longer. So in some cases, your doctor may disqualify you from undergoing this surgery again and have you wear glasses again for the rest of your life.

The Bottom Line

Lasik is a life-changing procedure when professionally performed on suitable candidates. Results for stigmatization and short-sight are usually permanent and highly stable over a long period, and Lasik for reading vision and long-sightedness are also very effective but can reoccur some years later as these conditions are age-related. If you have vision problems, therefore, place yourself in the best hands by choosing your doctor or clinic very carefully. Also, always avoid overly commercial settings.