Also known as the Ocean State, Rhode Island is the smallest in land area in the U.S. – at 1,214 square miles. It is home to 11 hospitals serving its 1 million residents, with some centers quite notable ones. Miriam Hospital, located in the capital city of Providence, has an impressive 1,001 affiliated doctors, and is high performing in six adult procedures and conditions. The Rhode Island Hospital, also in Providence, has 1,118 affiliated doctors and is high performing in three adult procedures and conditions. Also notable is the South County Hospital in Wakefield, with 159 affiliated doctors, and is highly rated in three adult procedures and conditions.

Even though it is a really small state, Rhode Island has a medical school in its borders – the Alpert Medical School in the Ivy League institution of Brown University. Finding a good laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) eye surgeon in Rhode Island is not difficult at all – among the 4,648 practicing doctors assisted by over 13,000 healthcare professionals you can find some of the best eye experts in the country working in the state’s various eye centers and vision institutes.

There are many people in Rhode Island and the rest of the United States who have benefited from LASIK surgery. Studies have revealed that around 700,000 procedures are performed each year on average, and this number is expected to increase even more, as much as 720,000, by the year 2020. LASIK is a great alternative to glasses and contact lenses especially for people with certain common vision problems, including near and far sightedness. This procedure has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and it can be performed on people at least 18 years of age (although 21 and over is recommended).