The southwestern state of New Mexico is the fifth largest state in the U.S. With an area of 121,589 square miles and a relatively small population of 2 million people, access to one of 36 hospitals is quite easy. Some of the best in the state are the Mountain View Regional Medical Center in Las Cruces, Plains Regional Medical Center in Clovis, and Lovelace Women’s Hospital in Albuquerque. There is also a good number of eye centers and vision clinics throughout the state, so finding a good laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) eye surgeon in New Mexico is easy.

While New Mexico has only two medical schools, namely the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and the New Mexico State University’s Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine, the state does not face a shortage of healthcare professionals. Based on a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the state has 5,240 practicing doctors and 21,273 professionally active nurses as of 2016 – a chunk of these healthcare experts work in eye health, helping care for and improving the vision of those who need it.

People from the state of New Mexico, and the rest of the United States, are realizing the benefits and importance of undergoing LASIK surgery. Throughout the country, there is an estimated total of 700,000 procedures done each year. It has gotten so popular, that this number is expected to rise to 720,000 by the year 2020. With over 34 million Americans suffering from near sightedness and 14 million others suffering from far sightedness, it is no surprise there are countless people still dependent on prescription glasses, contact lenses, or both. Not many people are aware that all adults eventually develop age-related far sightedness, and get surprised when their vision degrades by the time they reach 45 to 50 years old. Undergoing LASIK helps fix that issue once it has already happened.